Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Some Interesting and Healthy Facts About Coffee

You're probably wondering over a cup of coffee about what's in it for you? I mean yes the coffee can perk you up in the morning and give you the energy you need for work or school or whatever. But I'm sure it would be a whole lot better if you see your coffee as some kind of healthy option so you won't have to feel guilty over finishing one cup after another.

So wait? Is coffee really healthy?

Well, a simple answer is YES. If you have time you can look up the many health benefits of coffee but I've listed a few that I find really interesting and all.

1.) Weight Loss - There are many ways coffee can help you lose weight you know. First is that those coffee drinkers burned 67 calories more than non-coffee drinkers. Another is that it helps in giving you the energy you need for a productive day of working out. Gives you more focus, improves your performance, increases your metabolic rate so you burn more fat.

2.) More Focus at Work - Coffee is probably your work fuel. If you're like me then you probably drink more coffee than water. I don't suggest you do the same because I honestly don't think it's good for your kidneys but drinking at most five cups a day can lower the risk of deadly illnesses (diabetes, liver cirrhosis, parkinsons) which can prevent you from getting any job done.

3.) Helps me with my damn allergies - I'm mostly allergic to dust. I mean who aren't? And I end up developing sinusitis and coffee is my only home remedy to such awful stuff. You see, coffee is a good constrictor. It constricts blood vessels and reduces the pressure.

That's it for now! :)


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